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Hatha Yoga

It is an old system that includes the practice of asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises), which help bring peace to the mind and body, preparing the body for deeper spiritual practices such as meditation.

Vinyasa Yoga

It reduces arterial stiffness that occurs with age. It enhances heart health. It reduces risks of high blood pressure. It helps lower blood sugar and cholesterol level. It enhances mood. It improves cardiovascular fitness. It aids in weight loss. It facilitates mobility.

yoga for diseases

Anxiety and Depression,Chronic Pain,Cardiovascular Diseases,Insomnia,Type 2 Diabetes, BP , sugar , Respiratory Conditions, Cervical and many more.

Intuitive Yoga

Mental calmness, Relaxing, easiness,

Weight loss yoga

Belly fat, hip fat, Breast Fat ,Whole body fatloss, Inch Loss etc

Slow Yoga(senior citizen)

Pain Management,Enhanced Balance and Stability, Joint Health, Improved Sleep Quality, Stress Reduction

Group Online Class/Private online class

1500 /Month-(Group Class) 3000/Month(Personal Class)

Group online yoga classes offer a sense of community and support, connecting individuals globally. Participants benefit from diverse instruction, shared motivation, and the convenience of practicing from home. The structured sessions provide a cost-effective and accessible way to enhance physical fitness, mental well-being, and overall health in a group setting.

Private Home Classes Packages

9000/ Mon-Fri(20 Days) 7000/Mon- thru(16 Days) 5500/Mon-Wed-Fri-(12 Days) 10000/Mon-Sat (24 Days)

Personal yoga classes provide tailored instruction, addressing individual fitness levels and goals. With focused attention, precise corrections, and adaptability, participants experience efficient and customized sessions. This one-on-one approach enhances confidence, deepens understanding of yoga principles, and promotes physical and mental well-being with convenient scheduling options.

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What equipment do I need for an online yoga class?

Generally, a yoga mat and a stable internet connection are sufficient. Some classes may incorporate props like blocks or straps, but these are often optional.

Can beginners join online yoga classes?

Absolutely! Many online classes cater to all levels, including beginners. Instructors often provide modifications for poses to accommodate different skill levels

Is it safe to practice yoga online without an instructor present?

While online classes lack direct supervision, most platforms offer skilled instructors who guide safely. Ensure the instructor is certified and follow proper alignment cues. If you have health concerns, consult a healthcare professional before starting.

Can I schedule personal yoga sessions at flexible times?

 Many personal instructors offer flexible scheduling. Discuss your availability with the instructor to find a time that works for both of you.

Can I have personal yoga sessions if I'm a beginner?

Yes, personal instructors often work with beginners. They will introduce you to basic poses, provide guidance on alignment, and gradually build your practice.

How do I prepare my home for personal yoga sessions?

Clear a quiet, comfortable space with enough room for movement. Minimize distractions and create a peaceful environment with good ventilation.

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